General Prevention
Staff have been educated on the new regulations
All our employees wear the protective equipment recommended according to the Hungarian Government and the World Health Organization guidance
Contactless hand sanitizing stations have been set up at several points at the hotel
We have limited the number of seats in our restaurants and public areas
We encourage and support contactless check-in and payment, as well as e-invoices
Information boards have been placed throughout the hotel

Before Arrival
Registration cards will be sent to you via email prior to your arrival to ensure a contactless arrival experience once in the Hotel
We will send you an e-mail containing a link to our COVID-19 prevention action plan online. Click on the link to find out more about the precautions we take for you and which we ask of you to follow in our hotel area.
Upon Arrival
For our arriving guests we have placed hand sanitizing gel at the Reception
Your room key card is disinfected
We provide detailed information to all our guests on precaution measures
We placed a key card and pen collection point at the Reception so that we can disinfect them after each use
In case of emergency masks and gloves are accessible at the Reception and from our Housekeeping
An infrared thermometer is available at our reception for possible symptom testing
In your room
We clean and disinfect our guest rooms with special care
Our housekeeping staff wears protective equipment
Type of antiseptics used by the Housekeeping (detailed description is available at the Reception):
                General T1 disinfectant and furniture cleaner
                Kliniko -speed Clean Center+ disinfectant
                Dymosept disinfectant cleaner
Frequently touched surfaces, such as telephones, remote controls, handles, faucets, light switches, temperature control panels, safes,…etc. are regularly disinfected during your stay
Ensuring fresh air and adequate ventilation, our staff make the room cleaning next to an open window
After a guest departure, we keep the room empty for at least 24 hours before a new arrival
For your convenience we avoid daily cleaning in case you request so with a „Do not disturb” sign placed on the door handler of your room
The Deluxe Laundry ensures cleaning and disinfecting our in-room textiles. Security measures can be read via this link http://www.deluxe-mosoda.hu/hirek.php#start
Public areas
Frequently touched surfaces (counter, handles, elevator control panel, elevator buttons, washbasin doors, lobby furniture) and public restrooms are disinfected at least every 3 hours
Contactless hand sanitizing stations have been set up in the public areas
The elevators can be used by a maximum of 2 people at the same time, except for groups and families traveling together
In our Restaurant
The waiters will be wearing masks at all times
The staff will be wearing gloves while they upload the counter
The cold food (for example: meat, cheese, vegetables) will be covered by a plastic lid 
Hand sanitizer stations will be placed in all tables and at many points in the breakfast area
We are going to raise the selection of the pre-portioned food items 
We perform disinfectant cleaning after each guest and all cutlery will be replaced
Tables will be at least 1,5 meter apart
All used serving items will be sanitized in the dishwaser 
All disinfectant comply with the recommendations of the Hungarian authorities and the WHO 
We kindly ask our guests to comply with the new rules and pay attention to the health and safety of others. Please report to the receptionist if you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle ace, loss of appetite or smelling, tiredness and weakness) and we kindly ask you to stay in your room.
Use hand sanitizer every time you enter the building and before entering the restaurant.
Keep social distance in common areas, at least 1,5 meter.
Thank you very much for being responsible and respectful!
D8 Hotel Team